CODE JAMB, LLC - Building Permitting & Plan Service 

Additions,House Design, Metal Buildings, pools 

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Jessica Engelman - Project Manager / Permit Expediter

Address: 3460 Marron Rd
                Unit #103-239
                    Oceanside, CA 92056

Privacy Policy; Code Jamb, LLC does not share or sell information to any other entities without written consent. Code Jamb, LLC does not release any building plan or permit information to others.  All contract and business agreements are signed and prepared prior to retaining services.  Code Jamb,LLC will protect the design and integrity of our clients plans and information.

Refund Policy; Client may cancel contract at any time providing Code Jamb, LLC with written notice.  C ode Jamb, LLC will return any unused portion of retainer provided by customer, less services already provided.  All written correspondence to 3460 Marron Rd., #103-239, Oceanside, CA 92056.